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Welcome to the district's Department of Transportation webpage

RCS School District's fleet of 40 vehicles travel more than 5,600 miles a day, providing transportation to district students, as well as students from the district that attend private schools.

Out-of-District transportation requests due April 1

The deadline for transportation requests is April 1, 2017. New York State Education Department states: “In order to obtain transportation for their children, parents must file requests with the district in which they live by April 1st of the preceding school year or within 30 days of moving into the district.”
In order to prepare and set up routes, we MUST have all applications by that date.
Download transportation request form here and return to the RCS Transportation Department located at 2025 RT 9W, Ravena, NY 12143.

2016-17 bus routes are posted

Below are the 2016-17 school year bus routes for the four Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk schools. PLEASE NOTE: these are estimated pickup times. Please be sure your child is ready for the bus at least 10 minutes before the time indicated on these routes. After a few weeks, the scheduling will settle out and the time will be more predicatable.

Here are a few reminders about the bus routes.


Become a school bus driver

Looking for a fun and exciting part-time position? Then, consider becoming a substitute bus driver for the RCS Central School District. Training will be provided to qualified applicants. To learn more about this exciting opportunity to earn extra money while working in a congenial environment that benefits students, contact the Transportation Department at 756-5241.

Attention parents of juniors and seniors

If you have a junior or senior who is going to drive to school this year, please let the Transportation Department know. This will help make the transportation student lists more accurate and give better service.

Emergency bus evacuation drills

Each year, RCS, in compliance with New York State Education Law, holds three evacuation drills. During the 15-minute drills, drivers explain bus safety rules and regulations, such as proper behavior and crossing procedures as well as how to locate safety equipment and the emergency exits. Students also learn how to secure the bus, operate the two-way radio and safely evacuate the vehicle in the event of an emergency.

Motorists's responsibilities

Drivers have a responsibility to help maintain the safety of children. When approaching a school bus, you must:

  • Slow down
    Flashing yellow lights warn that the bus is about to stop. You should begin to slow your vehicle and prepare to stop.

  • Stop
    From either direction, even on divided highways – when a school bus is stopped with its red lights flashing.

  • Proceed
    Only when the red lights are turned off and bus is again moving, or when waved on by driver or police officer.

  • Be aware
    Children may be approaching a stopped school bus from any direction.

  • Remember
    School buses may not turn right on red while transporting students.

    It is illegal to pass a school bus displaying its flashing red lights – both on and off school property. If convicted of passing a stopped school bus, the minimum fine is $250 - 400 and/or 30 days in jail for the first offense. Drivers convicted of passing a stopped school bus will also receive a 5-point infraction on their license for each violation. This law is strictly enforced, and all violators will be fully prosecuted.

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Transportation Department

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Phone: (518) 756-5241


Instruments on the Bus

The RCS Transportation Department asks that for safety reasons, only musical instruments small enough to fit on a student’s lap may be transported on the school bus. Parents should make other arrangements to get larger band instruments to school.


Bus Safety Guidelines


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