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A few reminders about the bus routes


Here are a number of important reminders for families and students as the school year gets underway:


+ Please remember the pickup and drop-off times are “APPROXIMATE.” We do not guarantee an exact time!


+ For the first couple of weeks, have your child at the stop at least 10 minutes early. Times of pickup will vary until some of the kinks are worked out. We then ask that your child be at the bus stop at least FIVE minutes prior to the bus arrival time. Sometimes the bus may be running a couple of minutes early or late with the respect to the “advertised” time.


+ Children should not wait inside the home or the garage.


+ The designated stops are SUBJECT TO CHANGE. If the stop changes, we will notify the student and the parent either verbally, telephonically, in writing or a combination of. State Education Department mandates that we run an efficient routing system, therefore changes are inevitable.


+ For parents who drop off children at the middle/high school going to out-of-district schools, dropping off behind buses and walking in between buses is not allowed and is not safe. Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.


+ Door to door pickup and drop off is for students who live on specially designated roads and children with special needs (IEP) only.


+ Please make sure your house number is visible from the road.


+ By law, we cannot allow any object (including any athletic equipment or musical instruments) that cannot fit on the lap of a child, to be brought on the bus. Equipment or instruments that do fit on the lap may not be higher than the seat in front of your child.


+ Bus drivers, by law and regulation, are not allowed to wait or beep their horn at your stop.


+ Objects with sharp points, such as an umbrella, are not allowed on the buses due to safety concerns.


+ Please re-enforce the use of seat belts on school buses.


+ Eating and drinking on the bus is not allowed.


+ Please make sure your child(ren) never chase after a school bus for any reason.


+ Call the Transportation department if the bus is running late more than 10 minutes.


+ Students whose parent(s) are not home will be returned to their school of origin, we will no longer hold the student on the bus until someone shows up at the stop.


+ Bus drivers have the final say so on seating arrangements for the students.


+ Buses will not be allowed to go back for children who are not out at the stop prior to the arrival of the bus and who miss being picked up.


+ Last but not least, the parent(s) is/are responsible for their child to and from the bus stop.