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Hakim Jones, Principal

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Our Mission is to be an exemplary 21st–century learning community whose graduates are well prepared to excel in a complex, interconnected and changing world.

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Letter from Principal Jones

Dear Parents, students and Guardians,

As this holiday season is upon us with it usual hustle and bustle, take some time out to use the cold weather as an excuse to stay indoors and pick up a good book to read and share with a friend or family member.

Research shows that a strong home to school partnership is vital to a child’s success at school. As we begin to settle into the school year please consider some of the ways below to get involved with and support your child’s school:

Talk about school at home
Ask your child to tell one thing that was learned today, or to name one thing you did well today.
Ask your child what is being discussed in a class

Praise successes, efforts, and progress daily
Tell your child that you notice how hard he or she is trying
Notice improvements in work quality and accuracy

Be with your child
Read/sit with your child while homework is being done.
Have child do assignment in kitchen while dinner is being prepared
Limit passive activities by doing things with your child

Talk with your child’s teacher weekly
Ask the teacher what your child studying
Tell the teacher about things your child is good at doing
Suggest things that have been helpful for your child
Praise the efforts of your child’s teacher

Build a daily routine for homework
Establish a regular time and place
Supervise actively, positively, regularly
Reward all efforts frequently
Catch’em early before an error occurs (don’t “nag”)

Teach and acknowledge positive school-wide expectations, rules, and routines
Ask your child to tell the positive expectations and usual classroom routines
Ask your child to give you positive examples of school rules and expectations
Praise and acknowledge displays of positive expectations at school and home

I would like to extend warmest wishes to you and your family throughout the holiday season.
Enjoy the winter break December 26 through January 2nd. We’ll see students back on Tuesday, January 3rd

Hakim I. Jones

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Welcome Back from Principal Jones

Principal Hakim Jones welcomes students and families to the new school year.
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