Pieter B. Coeymans

Elementary School

66 Church Street

Coeymans, NY 12045

518.756.5200 ext.4000


Hakim Jones, Principal

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Clubs & Activities


1000 Book Club: This club offers 3-6 year olds in the RCS community the opportunity to be a well-read child. It allows parents to borrow a 1,000 books--ten at a time--to read to their children. The books are stored in a tote bag and are housed in your child's elementary school. The timeline for borrowing books is flexible, but our hope is that a child will complete the program by the beginning of second grade. To register for the program, please visit your child's elementary school main office.

Art Club: Art Club is an after school activity open to fourth and fifth graders interested in art. Projects will be based on community service, seasonal folk arts and art history lessons.

Drama Club: Students, under the direction of an advisor, perform a play. Meetings are held after school.

Habitat Club

Homework Club: This club is also known as the Student Academic Tutoring Program, and it is offered to students in grades 3-5. Students who may need extra help in order to be successful in school are chosen by their teacher to participate in the club. The students meet with adult supervisors. receive individual and small group instruction, receive help with homework, and much more. The students are served a healthy snack and are taught good study and organizational skills.

Intramurals: This is a co-educational program that is offered to fourth and fifth grade students who want to be a part of a team. Students can be participants on indoor soccer, volleyball, and basketball teams. The teams compete during the scheduled recess times.

Nature Art Club: This club uses art education as a vehicle to better understand and appreciate nature, biology and the outdoor world around us. It is composed of selected 3rd, 4th and 5th graders who work after school with Mrs. Wolfe.

Student Council Grade 5: Students are elected by their peers and engage in service projects that help their school, community and the world.

Yearbook Club: The Yearbook Club involves fifth-grade students in the planning, advertising, sales, and layout of the school yearbook. The club meets after school throughout the year to make decisions about the design of the book and which pictures and art work will be included in the yearbook. Students promote sales by publicizing, and collecting, counting, and tallying all monies received.