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October 5, 2016

Academic Intervention Services


The RCS School District is working to ensure that our students are well prepared for the competitive workplace and continuing education. Participation in the New York State assessments in grades 3 through 8 is one piece of this complex puzzle. These state assessments are one of the few opportunities we have to more clearly compare our students’ growth and achievement to other students within the district and throughout New York State. Your child will be competing against these other boys and girls when he/she enters higher education or the work force.

Test Design

The 2016 assessments took place over three days each for math and English (ELA) and included fewer multiple choice questions, fewer passages to read, more teacher input into test design, and no “hard” time limits for student test completion. The State also released 75 % of questions and all of the of constructed response questions to the public. (Students who were in grades 4 and 8 last year may also be receiving scores for the NYS Science test).

Score Reporting

AIS Performance LevelsThere is a totally new look to your child’s score report. This more visual depiction of his/her overall performance on the test includes the composite score as well as an overall numeric
score that is used by the district to determine eligibility for Academic
Intervention Services (AIS).

As a reminder of the scoringscale, students will
have achieved a composite score of 1, 2, 3 or 4 on each of tests (Math and ELA). A score of “proficient” on these exams is defined as receiving a composite score of “3” or “4.”

AIS Student ComparisonThe report also contains a comparison of your child’s performance in relation to all RCS students and to all students in the state. The back of the report breaks down the scores that were earned within the different concept/skills that were being measured within the assessment.

Score Usage

Your child’s scores on the grade 3-8 assessments do not count in their academic average or influence his/her ability to advance to the next grade. The scores do however provide information that will guide your child’s teachers as they plan instruction during this upcoming year. Also, RCS is required to consider State scores when determining students need for Academic Intervention Services (AIS).

The State tests are only one measure used to determine if students are in need of Academic Intervention Services. Students that scored below these mean scores on the state tests will be closely considered for AIS eligibility:

Grade 3 English = 305                                         Grade 3 Mathematics = 299
Grade 4 English = 303                                         Grade 4 Mathematics = 298
Grade 5 English = 304                                         Grade 5 Mathematics = 306
Grade 6 English = 301                                         Grade 6 Mathematics = 301
Grade 7 English = 302                                         Grade 7 Mathematics = 307
Grade 8 English = 300                                         Grade 8 Mathematics = 304    

AIS may take many forms and those families whose children will be receiving additional academic support this year will be receiving an AIS letter. For further information about the Common Core Learning Standards and this new testing process, please access https://www.engageny.org/3-8.

Additional resources will also be posted on our district website. A highly detailed reporting of your child’s performance on these assessments can be made available to you upon request by contacting your school guidance counselor. We are very grateful for your child’s participation and best effort while completing these assessments.

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