RCS Middle School

2025 Rt. 9W

Ravena, NY 12143

518.756.5200 ext. 3000

Fax: 518.756.1988


Pam Black, Principal


orange bar bullet honor and merit rolls

Congratulations to these students for being named to the RCS Middle School's Honor Roll and Merit Roll!

In order for a student to be considered for the Honor Roll or Merit Roll, he or she must maintain an average of 89.5-100 for the Honor Roll and 84.5-89.5 average for the Merit Roll during that quarter.


adobeThe rolls are listed in alphabetical order and are posted in the Adobe Reader PDF format. If you do not have Adobe Reader on your computer, you can download it for free here.



2014-15 School Year

Fourth Quarter Honor Roll, June 2015

Fourth Quarter Merit Roll, June 2015


Third Quarter Honor Roll, April 2015

Third Quarter Merit Roll, April 2015


Second Quarter Honor Roll, January 2015

Second Quarter Merit Roll, January 2015


First Quarter Honor Roll, November 2014

First Quarter Merit Roll, November 2014


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2013-14 School Year

Second Quarter Honor Roll, February 2014

Second Quarter Merit Roll, February 2014


First Quarter Honor Roll, November 2013

First Quarter Merit Roll, November 2013

photo of Middle School  kids