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Advocacy checklist

  • Empower yourself. Choose an issue affecting the RCS schools and learn about that issue. Attend a school board meeting, read local and statewide education publications, or review the “fact sheets” to get started.
  • Develop and hone a focused message or “elevator speech” about the issue you chose. An “elevator speech” should briefly identify a problem, present a solution, and issue a call to action. It is a very useful tool when you have only a minute or two of someone’s attention and you want to get a point across.
  • Advocate with your elected representatives. Send a letter or e-mail to local legislators. Call local legislators and schedule face-to-face meetings. Establish a relationship with the aides in legislators’ local offices. Attend and ask questions at town hall meetings hosted by local legislators. Invite a local legislator to be your guest at an RCS special event. Ask local legislators to agree to take a leadership role on your selected issue.
  • Advocate through the media. Write a letter to a newspaper editor and send your published letter to local legislators. Copy editorials or newspaper articles about your selected issue and send them to local legislators.
  • Advocate in the community. Talk to community members about your selected issue. Use social media to spread the word about what you are advocating for: Update your Facebook or Twitter status with a key point from your “elevator speech.” Share links to relevant news articles or information from the school district website. Follow legislators’ social media accounts and feel free to reach out to them using these communication tools.