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Welcome to the Science Department webpage!

Our Mission


As we dive deeper into the 21st century, science and technology are evolving at a near breakneck pace, both domestically and globally. To keep up with these trends, RCS is striving to transition out of the textbook and into a more high-paced, hands-on learning environment. Having students work to discuss current scientific issues, diagnose and problem solve, and creatively troubleshoot are all goals the Science Department will emphasize over the next decade. Along with specific academic goals, the department has identified the need for students to be able to work in teams as one cohesive unit. Science and technology industry demands that their future employees be interconnected and organized. We intend to instill the skills our students will need to be successful from a young age.

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Science Department

(518) 756-5200


Teaching Staff

High School

Stephanie Branley, content curriculum specialist, ext. 2527

David Dykeman
Jean Hanlon
Jolene Heald
Scott Holdren
April Hoffman
Matt Miller
Erin Roberts
Clayton Welch
Danielle Wolfe


Middle School

Joseph Jaskolka, RCS Middle School, ext. 3232

William Fisher
Pamela Hull
Stephen Colon
Jolene Heald

Jennifer Fisk


A.W. Becker Elementary

Debra Neubart, A.W. Becker, ext. 5224



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