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At the secondary level

At RCS Middle and High Schools, students are instructed with a variety of learning strategies to assist them in becoming lifelong readers, writers and communicators. Through these learning strategies and opportunities, students are prepared to excel in their post secondary experiences whether it be higher education, the workplace, the trades or the military. English Department educators follow New York State Learning Standards guidelines as well as the Common Core. Students are also prepared for standardized testing experiences such as the New York State English Regents and the verbal components of the SAT and ACT. A variety of reading choices, both fiction and nonfiction, are incorporated at the various grade levels as well as comprehensive instruction in various writing styles.

At the elementary schools

At the RCS Elementary Schools, students are taught the skills needed to read, write, listen and speak. Our curriculum is aligned with the NYS Common Core Standards. Our program is based on a balanced literacy model including whole group lessons, small group lessons and individualized instruction as needed. Students are taught the five components of reading: Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary and Comprehension using authentic literature to motivate students to become lifelong readers. It is during these elementary school years that students make the leap from “learning to read” to “reading to learn”.

Summer Reading Camp

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Teaching Staff

High School

Middle School

Mrs. Jill Ridler


A.W. Becker Elementary

Denise Mulligan - AIS Reading/Curriculum Content Specialist, ext. 5202

Julie McKown - AIS Reading,
ext. 5229

Jill Ridler - AIS Reading, ext. 5202

Kerin Stagnitta - AIS Reading,
ext. 2521

Gail Stewart - AIS Reading,
ext. 5254


Pieter B. Coeymans Elementary

Jill Brown - AIS Reading ext. 4228

Elizabeth Campbell - AIS Reading ext. 4254

Joanne Chase - AIS Reading,
ext. 4230

Julie McKown - AIS Reading,
ext. 5229


RCS High School 2011-12 Course Selection Guide [pdf]

New York State Learning Standards by Subject