A.W. Becker

Elementary School

1146 Route 9W

Selkirk, NY 12158

518.756.5200 ext.5000


Debra Neubart, Acting Principal

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Clubs & Activities


Art Club

Advisor: Lauren Young
As a service club, the Art Club focuses on projects for the community. Made up of fourth graders, the group makes posters, participates in art contests and invitationals, such as the Martin Luther King Jr. Invitational at Siena College, and enters the Albany Institute's Annual Festival of Trees. The most involved and rewarding projects involves creating the centerpieces for the RCS Volunteer Dinner. The group meets during recess and holds various fundraisers to purchase materials needed for their projects.


Ballroom Dance

Advisor: Jennifer Wolfe, Karen Stagnitta and Patti LaFevre


Drama Club

Advisor: Ben Rau and Jennifer Wolfe


Environmental Club

Advisor: Jamie Knightes and Ashley Robinson

Environmental Club meets on Thursdays throughout the year and is open to all third, fourth and fifth grade students. Students have the opportunity to become more educated on ways to help and protect our environment in our everyday lives. In order to spread awareness in the community the students will participate in recycling and the Earth Day Groceries Project. This is a cost-free environmental awareness project in which students decorate paper grocery bags with environmental messages for Earth Day. After  students have decorated the bags they bring them back to the grocery store, where they are used during the week of Earth Day, which is celebrated on April 22nd every year. In addition, students will help maintain the school garden, participate in environmental awareness activities, conduct research on the effects of habitat destruction and visit the nature trail to learn about Ecology.



Advisor: Elyse Loughlin and Brandon Herwick
This program is open to all third and fourth grade students. Students meet after school for two hours and participate in volleyball, gymnastics and basketball.


Student Government

Advisor: Deb Conti and Laura Daley
This activity is open to 4th and 5th grade students elected by their classmates. We meet on Thursday afternoons (after school) once a month to plan activities and projects for our school community. Some activities are just for fun, and some are providing a service.


Technology Club

Advisor: Elyse Loughlin
Students will explore technology in various forms. We will learn programs like Power Point, Publisher and Word. We will learn about different sites on the internet and how to search safely. We will also develop programs for the Smart Board and learn to use digital cameras and manipulate photos. Each year is filled with new things to learn.


Yearbook Club

Advisor: Kathy Baumgras and Liz Campbell
This club consists of fifth grade students who are involved in the planning, advertising, sales, photography, and layout of the school yearbook. The club meets after school on select Wednesdays twice a month to work on the yearbook. The club also sponsors fundraisers to help reduce the cost of the yearbooks and pay for extra yearbooks to sell in June for those who did not order one.